Dr. Michael Gerhard

Dr. Michael Gerhard is Legal Advisor to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, Germany.



From 1999 to May 2005 he was legal advisor to the German Space Agency within the DLR. He was mainly occupied with matters of public international law and administrative law. The main emphasis of his work was to advise the DLR and the federal ministries in matters of national space legislation, insurance and registration of space objects, liability issues, intellectual property issues, security aspects regarding the distribution of remote sensing data and budget law. Furthermore Dr. Gerhard is member of the UNIDROIT Space Working Group which is drafting a Protocol to the UNIDROIT Convention on international interets in mobile equipment on matters specific to space assets. He is representing the DLR as well as the federal ministries in several international organisations and institutions. Dr. Gerhard was also one of the coordinators of the Working Groups on National Space Legislation of the Project 2001 "Legal Framework for the Commercial Use of Outer Space" and the Project 2001 Plus "Global and European Challenges for Air and Space Law at the edge of the 21st Century".  


From 2005 - 2008, Dr. Gerhard was the personal assistant of Dr. Ludwig Baumgarten, Member of the Executive Board, of the DLR responsible for the German Space Agency.Furthermore he teaches Space Law to students studying Aerospace Technologies at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. He has also given lectures at the Technical University of Berlin as well as Summer Courses for the European Center for Space Law (ECSL).  


Besides a book on the topic of national space legislation (Nationale Weltraumgesetzgebung, Köln 2002) Dr. Gerhard has also published more than 30 articles on space law and policy, among these: Sicherungsrechte an Luftfahrtausrüstung und Weltraumeigentum, in: Zeitschrift für Luft- und Weltraumrecht 2001, pages 373 – 396 (co-author: Hans Georg Bollweg); Report on the Working Group on National Space Legislation, in: Project 2001 – Legal Framework fort he Commercial Use of Outer Space, Köln u.a. 2002, pages 529 – 564 (co-author: Kai-Uwe Schrogl); Transfer of ownership and control with respect to space objects – problems of responsibility and liability, in: German Journal of Air and Space Law 2002, pages 571 – 581; Registration of Space Objects: Which are the advantages for States resulting from Registration?, in: M. Benkö / K.-U. Schrogl, Space Law: Current Problems and Perspectives for Future Regulation, pages 121 – 140 (co-author: Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd); Neuregelung des Verfahrens zur Anmeldung von Satellitensystemen bei der ITU und zur Übertragung deutscher Orbit- und Frequenznutzungsrechte, in: Zeitschrift für Luft- und Weltraumrecht 2006, Seiten 87 – 99 (co-author: Ingo Baumann); Verbreitung von Erdfernerkundungsdaten – Gesetzentwurf zum Schutz von Sicherheitsinteressen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, in: DGLR Jahrbuch 2006, Band I (co-author: Max Kroymann); Lizenzierungsverfahren zur Durchführung von Aktivitäten im Weltraum, Jüngste Gesetzesänderungen in Russland, in: Zeitschrift für Luft- und Weltraumrecht 2007 (co-author: Dimitry Marenkov). 


Dr. Michael Gerhard is the author of the chapter on Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty.