Prof. Dr. Ray Harris

Prof. Dr. Ray Harris is an Emeritus Professor of Geography at University College London (UCL). He was Professor of Remote Sensing at UCL from 1995 – 2008 and was the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences at UCL from 2004 -2008. He worked in the space industry for eight years with Logica UK plc and Software Sciences, and before that served as Lecturer in Geography at the University of Durham for 11 years. He has worked extensively with the European Space Agency, the European Commission, NASA, NOAA, JAXA and other space organisations on the applications of Earth observation data and on the development of Earth observation data policy. He was the chair of the International Council for Science (ICSU) Strategic Coordinating Committee on Information and Data 2009 – 2011, and has worked on both GMES/Copernicus and GEOSS. His research and teaching interests are in satellite Earth observation and in the Middle East. For over 40 years he has worked on remote sensing applications in the UK, Europe, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Tunisia and Iran, focusing on meteorology, agriculture, disasters, land degradation and land cover change. He is the author of four books on remote sensing and one book on Tunisia, plus many journal articles, book chapters and reports. He is author of the part on the Remote Sensing Principles (Volume III).