Dr. Ulrike M. Bohlmann

Dr. Ulrike M. Bohlmann completed her law studies at the University of Trier, where she also followed a two-year programme in Anglo-American Law. During her two-years Referendariat she put a special emphasis on business law, with internships in the legal department of a multinational enterprise, a Chamber for Commercial Matters of a Superior Court and in private practise. After the completion of her bar exam, she joined the Institute for Air and Space Law of the University of Cologne as Senior Research Associate, where she coordinated the Working Group on Telecommunications of the research project "Project 2001 - Legal Framework for the Commercial Use of Outer Space". Her extensive research activities and publications touched upon subjects such as licensing issues, frequency management and economic and trade issues. She earned her doctoral degree with a thesis on commercial space activities and industrial property protection, which embraces both public international law and private law aspects.

She joined the legal department of the European Space Agency in 2002 and has since covered a multitude of legal issues ranging from the negotiation of international cooperation agreements with the governments or space agencies of third States or other international organisations to the representation of ESA at the Legal Subcommittee of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and various other international bodies such as UNIDROIT while also including research, analysis and drafting of opinions and policy documents on subjects concerning institutional matters including inter alia EU law and policies as well as the financial management of the Agency.She has published a book on commercial space activities and intellectual property, a number of book chapters in the field of space law, numerous conference papers and articles in law and policy journals. She continues to contribute to academic research projects, lectures regularly on space law and policy at University level and continues to publish regularly. She is the author of the chapter on Article XIII of the Outer Space Treaty (Volume I) and co-author of the chapters on the Registration Convention (Volume II) as well as the NPS Principles (Volume III).